About Shima :)

Try to be a SELF and WEB developer.

I am a passionate Persian girl who love to dream all day long. My biggest dream is owning a Cafe with cozy and wooden decoration, where people can find themselves, read or buy books, enjoy flowers or buy them! So  Coffee + Book + Follower + SMILE.

my graduation is in Industrial design and I'm studying my P.G in Computer Applications Development in Canada these days. I did some jewelry and fashion design before, you can find some of my designs here.

It is around two years, I'm started to learn more about a human being and how we can get the full control of our life. This happened exactly when my life was on autopilot, and I thought there is nothing I can change.

after several months, I reached lots of unbelievable information and as I enjoy sharing information, I found these online platforms the best way to share.

hope you enjoy my blog and my daily lifestyle.


My Design Projects

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Daya Design

My friend, Parisa and I started to design dresses in 2016. The design is based on simplicity, A combination of two different materials: fabric and steel, and a graft between culture and fashion, The steels are ancient Persian poems in the typographic format which had written by hand and had cut by laser therefore it can be said that this idea is a correlation between tradition and modernity This is the first time of this kind of communications in fashion design. Daya motto is “pleasant whisper of fabric”, so let's listen to the clothes and catch the best situation in the fashion world.

shima.maleki@gmail.com  |  +1 (548​) 333 5555

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To be continued...