Shiraz, Iran, 2017

After my gradma passed away, we were all heartbroken and depressed. Mom's birthday is on YALDA night. Yalda is the last night of autumn and in Farsi speaker countries, they celebrate it. We decided to bring mom to Shiraz which is the city of Love! where you can find peace, colors, and the best smell of Baharnarenj.

Amirhossein couldn't come :(

Spending time in this colorful city made that birthday. No less to say, my grandma was there like always. I can feel her in my own body.


The country of 'contrasts'. the most important factor about visiting Dubai is GROWTH.
I'm not talking about how! but you can feel differences when you travel to this place even after 2 years. They are all trying to make this place a better one, even if from a tourist perspective! They are growing...

There are more to say about Dubai, I will post them.

Norway​, Jun 2017

It is about more than 10 yeras that my sisters are living far from family, So we decided to gather to gether as a family reunion in Norway, The country of beauties and water! Honestly I've never seen this beauty any where else!

You will easily fall in love just by looking at every single shot by your eyes.

It was around 4 weeks we spent together there, It was a spectacular villa on upper above the lake amd you can see what was the view in the morning we woke up to. I'm pretty sure you can not get all the feeling from the photos but Norway is absolutely one of the most recommenced destination.