Tips for studying effectively!

Updated: May 7, 2019

After I came here to Canada, There is nothing to do than studying for me! The country is new and I have to get used to it, the weather is ridiculous, Today is -19 with approximately 50 cm snow and tomorrow will be +5 and rainy, so can you imaging how the weather would be on the day after! Ice will cover every thing!

Besides, I turned into some down feelings come from missing my family and friends and country behind!

I took my first step to Computer Applications Development program with no background of coding and programming, I mean NOTHING. It didn't take me a lot of time to know I am starting a year which I have to study 24/7!---> (Which means 24 hours, 7 days a week)

But how?

At first I never believed even if I can handle it, until I designed a planner and push myself to be better every single day!

Here are some tips:

+ Start reviewing the class materials at the same day before sleep. you may hear this one before, but believe me they aren't only some words, it really and scientifically affects the learning process, during the night your brain starts to make connections and create memory. you can find the whole article here.

+ Find the best way and position you are comfortable with but remember to change it every several hour. I am working on my Mac a lot these days so the best position for me would be on the desk, but I change it during night or early in the morning I try to study on the floor or on my bed. When you change your position you will get back your lost focus and it will improve your concentration. Keep in mind if you try working or studying on the floor track your body position, especially back and neck.

+Do at least 5 minutes Yoga or meditation daily! and try not to think about any thing during this time, you can start with 1 or 2 min and then make it longer if it is hard at first days, I myself started from 30 seconds for one week and then make it longer. Remember, Quality is more important! we don't need 30 mins of ineffective meditation.

+After each 45 to 50 minutes MOVE! your body needs energy and it doesn't mean you always need to eat or drink! movement always keeps your body energy alive, never forget about it.

+Plan you're TO DO LIST, and make it effective, sometimes I add some 'not to do' in my list. Things like don't pay attention to what they say to you:)

+Bring fruits and nuts and put them on your desk(I will prepare a post about essential stuff on your desk).

+The last and the most important one is: fix your beliefs, remove that sound which keeps telling you these are tough to do, if you weren't the one who can learn and handle it, you were some where some where else



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