Wake Up Early in The Morning

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Design your own breakfast style!

Waking up early in the morning is always a "challenge". People always want to wake up early, and they always can't! We always read and hear, successful people wake up at 5am and they simply schedule the day and start it powerful. It took me several years to get used to wake up early, and here I wanna share the items helped me; Think about a day having a plan for delicious breakfast with your friends in a beautiful café, when you open your eyes, first thing come to you mind would be fun and laugh. You start the day different than a day without any plan with a regular dark coffee. So the main thing to be passionate about waking up early is planning the day. The moment I decided to choose waking up early as a GOAL, I can achieve it! Waking up is not only a path to your target, it supposed to be a target itself! The most challenging moment is, when alarm goes on and you shouldn't snooze it. NEVER snooze the alarm. If you choose 7am to wake up, promise yoursefl.


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