Web Design & Development

I’m a professional Web Designer with extensive skills and experience. I’ve always been results-oriented and work to satisfy both myself and you by bringing your visions to life.

What I Did

ShipperBee website is one of my recent project.

Creating the corporate website and all the different landing pages for marketing campaigns. The website is hosting with Webflow and gets it's own CMS. 

Landing Pages

Create landing pages with the purpose of converting visitors into sign-ups with customize JavaScript integration to track users interaction with the page and gather data for analysis.

CMS Collection

Create different CMS layouts for the marketing team to load blog posts and other resources. 

Zapier Integration

To gather data of different forms and add to the database I use Zapier and integrate API. 

Google Analytics Integration

Cookie Policy Integration

Tools & Technology

Please email me if you want to see more designs.

Brand Guidelines:

Graphic Design

Informative Brochure Design - Conestoga College

+ Infographics
+ Easy to understand 
+ Student Based
+ AODA Standards

The brochure is designed to inform the students (local&international) about all the different aspects of financial status at Conestoga College.

I designed charts, infographics and other kinds of visual content to make the brochure more attractive for students.

Besides, I included the budget table on one whole page, so students can easily add their resources and expenses to keep track.

The colours are coming from the college standard pallets, and I considered vision disability in terms of colours, fonts, and size.

Shima Maleki - 2021